Enter The Dojo – Martial Arts Satire – The Office Meets Martial Arts

enter-the-dojo Started on August 5th 2011 “Enter The Dojo” is a very funny YouTube web series chronicling the art of Ameri-Do-Te taught by Master Ken at his martial arts school in New Mexico.

The best way to describe this satire comedy is “The Office” for martial arts schools.

The series currently has 2 seasons and 18 episodes. As far as I can tell they are still producing new episodes, though they seem to have an irregular publishing schedule, which for a web series can be expected.

Below is a list of their current episodes. A bit of a warning, these are not kid appropriate, and the humor is most defiantly adult oriented.

Season 1

Episode 1: Welcome To The Dojo

Pilot episode where we are introduced to the students, Master Ken, and the art of Ameri-Do-Te. According to Master Ken, Ameri-Do-Te is a blend of all the martial arts in the world making it the “Best of all, Worst of none”. All others are “Bull Shit”. Lets say a guy walks up to you on the street and puts his finger in your chest, what do you do? In Ameri-Do-Te you break the finger, break the wrist, break the elbow, break the jaw, smash the groin, break the nose, break the knee, break the ribs, re-stomp the groin, knee drop the pelvis, kick the head, stomp the head, stomp the back of the neck, re-stomp the groin, then exit out and if you have any thing in your pockets you can hit them or stab them with do that as well. If you don’t, well you can run over them with your car. “Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six” – Master Ken.

Episode 2: Destroy The Groin

The most lethal weapon a martial artist can posses is his or her mind. The second most lethal is the groin grab. I incapacitates any assault immediately. It was derived from the Jungle, most people don’t this, but when two tigers do battle they are trying to grab each others groin.

Episode 3: Rape Class (Part 1)

The first part of this episode begins the character development of Cynthia starting with her feelings for Billy, Master Kens most senior student. The main focus of the episode is the monthly rape prevention class that is put on by Master Ken for free to help the women in his town protect themselves against a would be attacker. He is disgusted by other schools that charge for this as he sees it as sending the wrong message, “that poor people deserve to be raped”, he feels that the one thing that should be free are “simulated rape scenarios”. We are also introduced to Cynthia’s attractive friend Stephanie who is there to take part in the training.

Episode 4: Rape Class (Part 2)

Billy and Stephanie have a moment while training that makes Cynthia a little jealous, where she accuses her of “Whoring it up” with the hot pink sports bra and makeup. We move to one of the most important aspects of the class, the “reality based rape scenario training”. This entails Billy dressing up in a protective suite (which is basically a bunch of mixed match sparring gear and chest guards wrapped around him) and attacking the students. However, the suite is bulky and not all that effective, by the time it is Anthony’s turn, Billy is to exhausted to fight and Anthony doesn’t see the point, that’s when Master Ken Points out that he is forgetting one thing, “Rapist don’t always work alone”. Out of no where Anthony is attacked by Rachael and Billy taking him to the ground and teaching him a lesson.

Episode 5: Kill Face

Master Ken tells his students that the best way to win a fight is to not get in to one at all. That is why he teaches the “Kill Face”. It is like walking around with a loaded gun in your pocket, except it is not in your pocket, it is on your face. The key to a good kill face is the energy behind it. Master Ken demonstrates this to the class, but for safety reason will not let the camera crew film it. He warns about practicing it at home near a reflective surface, because if you were to see yourself executing it properly you might scare yourself to death. The students then demonstrate their kill faces, but Anthony is not convinced at its effectiveness. In order to teach him lesson, Master Ken gives him one at 100% and ends up “taking out” a camera guy. This really pisses him off, becasue when the students do not take the power of Ameri Do Te seriously and start goofing off, there are kill faces flying all over the dojo and some one is bound to get hurt. Anthony however, is still not convinced that was the cause of the camera guy getting hurt.

Episode 6: “Into The Darkness”

Episode 7: “Dance Of Death”

Episode 8: “Attack The Heart”

Episode 9: “The Hurticane”

Episode 10: “Meditation”

Season 2

Episode 1: “You Jitsu”

Episode 2: “Thrust of Freedom”

Episode 3: “Defensa De Zombie”

Special Episode: MMA vs. Ameri-Do-Te

Episode 4: “Imperfect Weapons”

Episode 5: “Dojo Holiday”

Episode 6: “Kung Foolishness” (Part 1)

Episode 7 “Kung Foolishness” (Part 2)