Jesse Enkamp believes karate to be the world’s best martial art form

Jesse Enkamp wishes to express his reasons why he thinks karate is the World’s best martial arts form. First he explains the need to define “best.” Best at what? Competition? Self-defense? Physical training?

In Jesse’s opinion the “best” is what you love the most. And he loves, of course, karate!

He loves karate’s variety of styles and, therefore, adaptable. While it may be super hard to learn, once learned karate is super easy! It’s surprisingly safe, if you train the traditional way; the worst you might ever get is a bruise. It’s very effective if done correctly. Finally, karate is a beautiful thing. It’s about culture, language, history, philosophy, and people.

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3 Reasons Karate is the World’s Best Martial Art3 Reasons Karate is the World’s Best Martial Art