Steven Seagal make surprise visit to Russian university and teaches an aikido class

The students of Udmurtia University in Russia arrived at Aikido class to find they would receive instruction that day from guest martial artist and international known actor Steven Seagal. The University thought to keep his visit a secret so the entire campus and media would show up. They wanted the experience for the students to be first and foremost an Aikido lesson.

Steven Seagal did allow students to get his autograph and take pictures with their favorite celebrity martial artist.

The Dean of the University department for Physical Training Aleksandr Alabuzhev said, “We are interested in Seagal first of all because he is a top class sportsman. There are around a dozen such Aikido experts in the world like Steven Seagal is. Attending his Aikido master class was not only a great honor for the university students and teachers, but was also a big experience in one’s professional sports career.”

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Steven Seagal teaches Aikido in Russia’s Udmurtia – Russia & India Report